Lovina area hike: Asah Gobleg to Selat

Lovina is a fairly quiet, relaxing resort area. If you feel like some energetic activity, a hike might be what you need. My guidebook suggests a hike from the village of Selat to Asah Gobleg in the area to the south of Lovina. This hike is 10kms and takes 4 hours. In the heat on Bali, I’d prefer to hike downhill myself, so I’m going to describe the hike from the other direction.

The other day I talked about a hike, from Jatiluwih, to Lake Tamblingan. This Asah Gobleg to Selat, hike starts from the northern side of Lake Tamblingan and finishes at the small village of Selat. You can actually keep going and finish at Sipoklabuh waterfall.

Starting from Lovina, you can hire a driver, to take you to the road, which runs directly north from Lake Tamblingan. If you are already in the Lake Tamblingan area you can hire an ojek (motorbike taxi). The road runs NW from the lake, towards Asah Gobleg. This hike basically starts at Gobleg plateau, and follows quiet mountain roads, making it easy to navigate. The plateau area has pine trees and fields of brightly colored flowers. If you have any problems, ask a local. The first half of this hike is the most scenic and quietest, with plentiful forest and few people. You will pass the occassional Balinese farmer and this is an ideal chance for photos. Coffee and other things such as cocoa grow here, in steep gorges.




You follow the road north to the village of Bangkiangsidem, and keep going north towards Selat, turning NE towards Tegallinggah. The 10 km hike has up and down sections, but you are descending in height overall. Remember to bring at least 2 liters of water each plus something to munch on.

For those who have had enough, you can end your hike in Selat and arrange a ride back to Lovina (maybe you have already arranged it with your morning driver). Energetic hikers can carry on to Sipoklabuh waterfall, which is another 3kms to the NE. Ask locals again if you have trouble finding it. There is, incidentally, a path from the waterfall all the way to Anturan, in Lovina.

Length of Asah Gobleg to Selat hike: 10km
Duration: 3-4 hours
Cost: Free
Guides: No
Services: None
Transport: Arrange your own / ask a local for car hire / motorbike taxi.
Best time to hike: Start after daybreak if possible.
Easiest way to do the hike: Get ride from Lovina to drop you at Asah Gobleg plateau, hike down to Selat, ride home.
Longest way to hike the hike: Start from Lake Tamblingan, hike to Gobleg plateau, then down to Selat, carry on to waterfall, then take hidden path the last 4kms to Anturan.

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