Lontar engraving in Tenganan Bali

Balinese artist, Kadek Ardita, showed me his family’s collection of Geringsings. He also sells single ikats, batiks and cloths made from kashmir-like material. His art is actually engraving.

Kadek is a traditional lontar engraver. Lontar is the dried palm leaf, which when stiff, can be scrached into a pattern. Kadek showed me his work, and allowed me to scratch a smiley face onto a blank leaf. He then rubbed soot into the engraving, providing a permanent pattern.

Kadek makes calendars, with Balinese scenes hand drawn, together with a description in Aksara script and English. He also does fullsize lontar drawings, which can be framed. I checked out his work at close range and its exact. Scratching a pattern on a dried leaf, that has a grain, is no easy task. This guy can achieve a fine level of accuracy, which he says, is attainable only, by takling his time and doing it in short bursts. I tolf Kadek that I hope some Baliblog readers come to visit. He certainly is a nice guy and his family are living close to their traditional way, in a beautiful part of Bali.




I Kadek Ardita
Tenganan Dauh Tukad

081 236 24430