Klenteng Ling Gwan Kiong: Singaraja, Bali

Just off Jalan Erlangga and a stones throw from the ocean sits the beautiful Chinese temple Ling Gwan Kiong.

Winding your way through the narrow back streets and alleyways towards the harbour area is fascinating. Some of the original buildings built by the Dutch are still present and architecturally brilliant. There are also some great warungs in the area. When you finally arrive at the harbour area you will espy the magnificent Chinese temple.

A colourful and beautifully constructed klenteng, access to the temple is via a water bridge over a pond filled with pink and white lotus flowers. An unusual array of Koi fish can be seen in the depths of the water of this quaint pass over to the inner temple.




I spoke to the guardian of the temple, an elderly Chinese man hard of hearing, and I found it hard to obtain the information I needed regarding the klenteng. Instead, he ushered me into one of the many prayer areas, and smiled.

Gold Bhudda statues and ornately decorated textiles were to be found everywhere. I was particularly impressed with the murals of Deities hand-painted on the entrance doors and surrounding walls.

I can well imagine this temple to be a hive of pageantry and colour during Imlek, Chinese New Year.

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