Gunung Rinjani and around

Lombok has one huge volcano, Gunung Rinjani (3726m), which is even taller than Bali’s Gunung Agung. Surrounded by forest, but itself consisting of bare trails and summits, Gunung Rinjani is a popular place to hike. At the top of the mountain sits Segara Anak, the mountain lake 8kms long. The slopes from the mountain cover 65kms across the north of Lombok and make a great place for some peace and quiet.

Trekking to the summit of Rinjani is a 3-day trip and can be done with the aid of a local guide, or with a tour group. It is the most challenging hike in Bali an Lombok. There are 2 main access points which are Senaru to the north, or Sembalun Lawang to the east.

Batu Koq and Senaru
The village of Bayan on the north coast of Lombok is a terminal point and the access route to Rinjani’s northern slopes. Heading south 2km from Bayan one comes to the village of Batu Koq and after another 2.5km the village of Senaru. These villages sit at an altitude of 600m, so enjoy a cooler climate than on the coast. The distance from Mataram is 86km, so it is possible to fly into Lombok and make it to the northern slopes in the same afternoon. Local bemo buses will be able to take you from the main road to Batu Koq and Senaru.

Two waterfalls, Sindang Gile and Tiu Kelep are located in the area, the first just 1km east of the road and easily accessible. If you can stand the cold water, you can bathe in Sindang Gile’s pools as the 25m fall crash in front of you. Getting to Tiu Kelep requires an hour’s bushwhacking and the pools are deep enough to swim in.

The traditional Sasak village in Senaru can be visited for a donation. Houses are made of natural materials, bamboo poles, thatched alang-alang grass roofs. The villages resides inside a fenced compound and donations are used to provide some modern improvements. There is a visitor’s book and you can decide what you give. Interesting to observe the traditional methods locals employ to farm.

The Senaru Panorama Walk is guided by a local and goes from 8am-noon, price 50,000rp. This may be a great way of limbering up for the next day’s hike up the mountain. The walk can be arranged at the Rinjani Trek Center.

Accommodation for those intending to trek Rinjani is found in and around the villages of Batu Koq and Senaru. You’re looking at simple accommodation, with plain rooms, cold water, simple Indonesian / Sasak style food and good views. Services are slim / non-existent up here. Some places offer breakfast with the price, others don’t. One tip as with any budget guest house, is to check the rooms security and to make sure the bathroom has some ventilation, otherwise your room could stink. Guest houses will look after your gear while you are trekking. Do not leave valuables or money in your gear.

Achita Bayan
0817 577 3878
Very simple style place with Asian toilet, cold water bungalows.




Bale Bayan Senaru
0817 579 2943
Located very close to the mountain. Simple budget place, with cold water.

Bukit Senaru
Decent bungalows with nice garden. Rooms are a good size with cold water, budget prices.

Gunung Baru
0817 572 4863
Located close to the mountain. Simple place with cold water.
50,000rp per night.

Guru Bakti
08180 362 8240
Located close to the waterfall. Simple bungalows, nice views and veranda’s, cold water Asian bathroom. Budget prices.

Pondok Indah
08180 363 6058
Decent bungalows good views of the north coast. More expensive rooms are bigger, with western toilets. 200,000rp per night for better rooms. Budget prices for the other rooms.

Pondok Sangkareang
Located close to the Rinjani Trek Center. A block of budget rooms situated in a small garden, with cold water.

Pondok Senaru
Good quality place with a large restaurant. Good views, comfortable conditions, cold water. Slightly more expensive than most of the other places.

Puri jaya Wijaya
Compact budget place with cold water bathrooms. Has a small garden. Low prices.

0817 575 0889 50,000rp.
Decent bungalows which have been modernized recently. Budget prices and cold water bathrooms.

Segara Anak
0817 575 4551
Located on the road from Bayan. Cheaper and rooms looking out onto the garden. More expensive rooms have great views and cold water. Restaurant close by. Budget rooms are 50,000rp per night.

Most places give a cell phone number which can change.

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