Guitars in Matahari Kuta Square

This afternoon it clouded over and threatened to pour. Stopping at Matahari department store in Kuta Square, I went to the sporting goods section on the 3rd floor for a soft guitar case. My neighbor, Barbara from England, is learning guitar and gave me encouragement to take lessons. Getting my guitar around on my motorbike would be hard, because my hard case has 1 ‘suitcase handle’ and weighs half a ton.

Matahari sells a small selection of musical instruments including guitars, tambourines and harmonicas. Among the classical guitars on display was one for 330,000rp, quite cheap for a full size guitar. If you are coming to Bali and just want something to use and abuse during your stay, Matahari might work. A good selection of strings are available also. While I was lining up a French tourist asked for his money back. He had bought a kid’s sized guitar the day before, and obviously wasn’t impressed. The staff told him a refund wasn’t going to happen, but he could choose another one.

My case is black vinyl and the guitar fits snuggly. The 2 carrying straps mean I can ride my bike with it and the weight is nothing. Matahari is located next to McDonalds on Kuta Square. It is open from 10am-10pm daily.




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