Global Chiropractic Kuta Bali

My first ever visit to a chiropractor took place at Global Chiropractic in Kuta this afternoon. After a few weeks of uncomfortable shoulder pain I decided to ask an opinion. Recently reaching the age of 44, I’m aware that articulations often start playing up and there could be a whole range of simple reasons.

Global is located in the Kuta Galeria and is a modern looking, clean place with English speaking staff. My doctor was French, the assistant Indonesian. As soon as I entered a form was provided for me to fill out. Only a few minutes later I was upstairs answering questions about my medical history.

The fact that I have a kid who is coming up to 2 years old is relevant, as throwing him around is
prefect way to injure a shoulder articulation. The source of my pain is a mystery, since here was no
single event that started it off. Feels like a rotator cuff strain, plus other things on the outside
edge and front.

Treatment included an examination which revealed nothing is torn, though strength is greatly
reduced. That was followed by a massage given by an assistant. Next came a neck adjustment, which I wasn’t too comfortable with (I’m a stiff white guy from a country of stiffs) and an electric pad treatment with hot towels. The assistant gave me an ultrasound treatment and I was done. Probably spent 90 minutes in all receiving advice and treatment. The cost was 400,000rp and I have to get an X-Ray.




Very handy to have qualified people on hand who can offer solutions to pain.

Istana Kuta Galeria Valet 2 No. 16

(next to Bank Buana)
Jalan Patih Jelantik, Legian
Kuta, Bali
[email protected]

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