Furniture in Seminyak Bali

furniture makingA friend of mine who recently arrived from the US said she was looking for a dining room set, to take home with her. My mind immediately went to Seminyak / Kerobokan, which has a ton of furniture places. Jl. Oberoi is sometimes referred to as ‘Eat Street’, but it is fast becoming ‘interior design alley’, with lighting, decorations and slinky furniture places.

Jl. Double Six, Jl. Raya Kerobokan and other streets, including those around the jail and Jl. Kunti across the Sunset Rd, have a lot of furniture. Yesterday while checking out Jl. Dhyana Pura in Seminyak, I strolled into Mitra Sejati Furniture, which is basically a warehouse-looking place, stocked with desks, cabinets and other cheap stuff. In the back, staff were actually making new furniture and were so busy, they did not notice me for a while. My friend probably isn’t going to find what she looking or there, but they might have something you need.

My friend from the US asked if I had any tips on shipping places, so I repeated what I’d heard from friends. People have told me the shipping companies are pretty much the same, as far as trustworthiness and reliability. Make sure your items get left in the sun for a few hours to fully dry out, after sitting inside, then make sure the shippers do not wrap the stuff in plastic, as it will mildew, over the next few months. Use a sheet instead. The great thing about shipping furniture home is you’ll have spare room in your container, to stuff with all kinds of other nick-nacks you pick up. Containers charge by cubic meter, without a weight concern. There is actually a limit, so if you are shipping blocks of marble, you cannot completely fill a container with it, but for the average Joe, its not consideration.




Mitra Sejati Furniture
Jl. Dhyana Pura #511X

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