ESC: Giant portions in Kuta Bali

escOkay big eaters, here’s a place for you! Located on Jl. Legian, opposite Poppies II, is a western snack food place called ESC. Its easy to spot, a 3 storey place, with a Sky Lounge and wi-fi internet. There is plenty to choose from on the menu and the portions will blow you away. I have said before I eat 1 burger a year. Today I ate that burger and it was a good one. My burger was the Bacon Mushroom Double Cheeseburger (38,000rp) served with fries. Man this thing was loaded, as you can tell by the photo. I managed to eat it all, but there was no room for anything else. My friend Palu ordered a club sandwich which also came with fries. His thing was a monster, so he had to offer it around to us other blokes to help finish it off.

ESC’s menu is as follows:

esc baliEspresso Coffees – including Cafe Mocha for 22,000rp (8oz), 26,000rp (12oz)

Signature Creation – including Raspberry Truffle Latte for 28,000rp (12oz)

Driscoll Ice – including Cappuccino Ice for 21,000rp (8oz), 25,000rp (12oz)

Driscoll Freeze – including Triple Chocolate Chunk for 29,000rp

Natural Fresh Juices – including Guava for 12,000rp (8oz), 15,000rp (12oz), 19,000rp (22oz).

Super Smoothies – including Purple Power (sounds scary!) – Protein Boost (blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, soy milk, low fat mixed berry frozen yogurt & whey protein) for 38,000rp (12oz), 45,000rp (16oz), 55,000rp (22oz).

Fruit Dairy Smoothies – including Tropical Storm (pineapple, mango, papaya, coconut, 100% tropical juice, low fat mixed berry frozen yogurt) for 25,000rp (12oz), 29,000rp (16oz), 38,000rp (22oz).

Fruit Smoothies Freezes – including Strawberry Splash (strawberries, 100% strawberry banana juice, fat free passion fruit sorbet & ice) for 29,000rp (16oz), 35,000rp (16oz), 45,000rp (22oz)

Soft Baguette – including NYC Deli Club (pastrami, ham, turkey, mozzarella, dijon, pickles & Italian dressing) for 38,000rp.

Home-Style Sliced Bread (white of brown) – including California ‘triple stacked’ Club (turkey, ham, cheddar, avocado, aioli-chipolte mayo, bacon, lettuce & tomato, served with fries) for 38,000rp.

NYC Bagels – including Smoked Salmon Lox & Cream Cheese (with red onions and capers) for 35,000rp.

Wraps – including Breakfast Wrap (2 eggs, pan fried potatoes, bacon, sausage, cheese & fresh salsa) for 29,000rp.




Gourmet Burgers – including BBQ Chicken Burger (with melted cheese & tangy bbq sauce) for 29,000rp.

Classics – including Garlic Roast Beef & Gouda (topped with lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles & light oil vinegrette) for 29,000rp.

Garden Fresh Salads – including Nicoise (bell pepper, potato, egg, tomato, olives, feta cheese, capers, tuna & light oil vinegrette) for 29,000rp (side), 34,000rp (meal).

Signature Gourmet Salads – including Beef Taco Salad (iceberg lettuce, topped with ground beef, tomato, onion, black olives, roasted corn, shredded cheese and tortilla chips, Guacamole on the side) for 38,000rp.

Fruit Salads – including Tropical Fruit Salad (pineapple, papaya, mango, banana) for 19,000rp (side), 29,000rp (meal).

Delicious Homemade Soups – including Vichyssoise (potato & leak) for 19,000rp (cup), 29,000rp (bowl).

Tapas – Starters – including Herb Roasted Chicken Quesadillas (roasted chicken, jalapeno’s & 3 chesses. Served with guacamole & ESC’s black bean n’ corn salsa) for 38,000rp.

By The Basketfull – including Calamari Fritti (breaded squid crispy fried & served with fresh lemon & tartar sauce) for 24,000rp

Sharing Platter – including Veggie Platter (carrots, cucumber, celery, bell peppers & mushrooms, with cool ranch & creamy Italian dips) for 38,000rp

ESC Gourmet Pan Pizza – including Hawaiian (honey ham, island pineapple & fresh basil) for 19,000rp (slice), 34,000rp (medium), 49,000rp (large), 99,000rp (XL).

Pasta & More – including West Coast Salmon Pasta (grilled Tasmanian salmon, fresh crab & baby shrimp on bow tie pasta, covered in a creamy lemon dill sauce) for 45,000rp.

ESC Mesquite BBQ – including BBQ Chicken for (1/2 chicken) 49,000rp

Breakfast Lite – including Continental Breakfast (fresh juice, espresso coffee or tea, & pastries with preserves) for 35,000rp

Breakfast On The Go Sandwiches – including Breakfast Bagel (2 scrambled eggs, ham & cheddar cheese) for 25,000rp

3 Egg Omelettes – including Seafood Omelette (plain 3 egg omelette folded with a special mix of fresh crab, shrimp, salmon & herb cream cheese. Topped with melted emmental cheese) for 29,000rp

Eggs Benny – including West Coast Benny (2 poached eggs with smoked salmon, topped with ESC’s creamy cheese hollandaise sauce) for 38,000rp

Signature Breakfast – including Steak & Eggs (150g sirloin steak, 2 eggs any style, toast, pan-fried potatoes & fresh fruit. Served with a side of A1 steak sauce) for 38,000rp

Fluffy Pancake Stacks – including Apple Cinnamon Pancakes (apple cinnamon filled pancakes topped with brown sugar & cinnamon) for 29,000rp

Sweets – including Fruit Danish for 9,000rp

Savouries – including Sausage Roll for 15,000rp

Decadent Desserts – including Homemade Apple Cinnamon Pie for 18,000rp

Wi-fi internet is available for 150,000rp for 4 hours using your own machine, or free, using the restaurant’s machine downstairs.

Jl. Legian & Poppies Lane II

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