Crackers Bar & Grill: Candi Kuning Bali

crackersCrackers Bar & Grill is located just off of the main road that goes from Baturiti to Lake Bratan. Tucked away behind a local market, the place feels like an optical illusion. It definitely a cultural aberration and a pleasant surprise for western tourists passing through. Crackers is run by David from Australia and has been open for a year or so. My visit was arranged by Laura who is very active in Bali forums, David running the Balichatforum. Laura had told me Crackers boasts the cleanest bathrooms in Bali. I reckon she’s not far off after using them myself, the place was spotless and modern.

This could be a big selling point for Crackers, as its location in the highlands means cold wet weather is often the deal. People driving from Singaraja to Kuta need somewhere to stop or a quick drink, bite to eat and toilet stop. The walls are decorated with sporting memorabilia, and David told me some famous people had stopped in including Jack Nicklaus.

The menu is as follows:

Beverage & Snack Menu:

Soft Drinks

Coke – 9,500rp
Diet Coke – 10,000rp
Lemon Squash – 11,000rp
Sprite – 9,000rp
Fanta – 9,000rp
Aqua – 8,000rp

Strawberry – 9,000rp
Guava – 9,500rp
Papaya – 9,500rp
Orange – 9,500rp
Lemon – 9,500rp
Pineapple – 9,500rp
Water Melon – 9,500rp

Bintang Large – 20,000rp
Bintang Small – 13,000rp
Bali Hai Large – 20,000rp
Bali Hai Small – 13,000rp

Hot drinks
Tea Per Cup – 7,000rp
Bali Coffee – 6,000rp
Nescafe – 9,000rp




Croissant With Ham – 8,000rp
Raisin Danish – 8,000rp
Sausage Roll – 10,000rp
Meat Pie – 12,000rp
Sweet Bun – 3,500rp

Soup D’Jour – 15,000rp

Lumpia (vegetable spring rolls) – 16,000rp
Samosa (minced beef, garlic & spices wrapped in pastry & fried) – 22,000rp
Garlic Bread (oven cooked with garlic butter) – 16,000rp
Plate of Chips – 17,000rp

Bakmi Goreng (fried noodles) – 20,000rp
Nasi Goreng Special (fried rice with satay, chicken and egg) – 22,000rp
Fish & Chips (breaded snapper, fries and tartar sauce) – 35,000rp
Macaroni Cheese (pasta with cheese sauce) – 22,000rp
Beef Burger (home made beef patties with salad & chips) – 25,000rp
Hot Dog (sausage in a roll with mustard, salad & chips) – 22,000rp
Pork Pie (minced pork & vegetables, with chips) – 22,000rp

Shrimp & Coleslaw – 22,000rp
Cheese & Tomato – 18,000rp
Ham & Salad – 20,000rp
Chicken & Salad – 20,000rp

Cheese Cake – (baked cheese cake, topped with strawberry glaze) – 15,000rp

During our visit the rain lashed and I enjoyed my fish & chips. Ika said her nasi goreng was good, which is a safe bet for someone who doesn’t know what to order. I would stop in on a road trip for sure. Crackers offers a relaxed, clean place for a rest, toilet break, quick snack, hot drink or a beer. In this part of Bali, where western bars and restaurants are in short supply, it might be a pleasant surprise for you to check out Crackers. I have no idea when this place is open from. Probably late mornings to late afternoons is the go.

Crackers Bar & Grill
Candi Kuning – Bedugal

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