Camera Shopping in Kuta Bali

nikon cameraAs a lot of travelers have figured out, cameras are a pain in the ass. You spend a lot of money on them, then have to worry about them getting stolen, lost, damaged. You will probably run into situations where your power runs out, you have nowhere to download them and the local internet connection is no good enough to email 1 photo. My friend Devin is going through some of that right now.

The proud owner of a cute little digital camera, Devin found that after dropping it on the floor it won’t focus anymore. His mother Babara lent him her digital camera, only problem is it uses a recharging cradle that can’t be found out here. Basically he’s got 2 cameras and can’t take photos.

This afternoon we swung by a camera shop on Jl. Legian in Kuta. I didn’t want to waste all day camera shopping, and he is going to Lombok soon, so it was do or die. Bagus Electronics is a small shop about 3 minutes up from the bombing memorial. They stock a good range of compact digital cameras, which is great for a person staying in Kuta, who needs a new camera.

Devin was asking my opinion about digital cameras. I told him Canon make good cameras and you can’t go wrong with a Nikon. He chose a Nikon CoolPix LS (6 Mgpxl) for 2,080,000rp. Seems to me cameras are getting better and cheaper. Bali is not the place to buy cameras, but the hardware is definitely more powerful, as time passes.




Among the cameras on sale were a Nikon CoolPix 6.1 Mgpxl for 2.7m rp, a Nikon CoolPix 7.1 Mgpxl for 3,850,000rp, a Nikon CoolPix 5.1 Mgpxl for 1.8m rp, a Nikon CoolPix 6.0 Mgpxl for 2m rp, an Olympus U 700 7.1 Mgpxl for 2,970,000rp, Casio Exilm for 2,740,000rp, a Casio Exilm 7.2 Mgpxl for 3,170,000rp, a Canon IXY 7.1 Mgpxl for 4.1m rp. They also had Sony Cybershots for an undisclosed price.

Bagus Electronics is open daily from 10am-9pm.

Bagus Electronics
Jl. Legian

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