Cafe Moka: French Cafe in Seminyak Bali

cafe moka baliCafe Moka on Jl. Seminyak is one place that draws tourists and expats alike. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Cafe Moka knocks out some decent food and is a handy place to stop off for a snack. This morning I took Devin for breakfast, the 3 minute trip a breeze on my bike. We both went for the Trekking Breakfast, which was good.

Cafe Moka’s menu is as follows:

Breakfast Sets – including Trekking Breakfast (glass of fruit juice, bowl of yogurt, fruit & muesli, a breakfast cake, a cup of coffee, tea or chocolate) for 39,000rp

Breakfast a la Carte

Food – including 2 eggs any style for 17,000rp

Cakes – including Pineapple chausson for 9,000rp

Dairy – including Milk shake for 18,000rp

Soya Milk – including Strawberry & Honey for 23,000rp

Coffee – including Cappuccino for 15,000rp

Tea – including Jasmine Tea for 10,000rp

Fresh Fruit Juice – including Lemon for 14,000rp

Extract Juice – including Beetroot for 20,000rp

Lunch Menu

Sandwiches – including Jambon Beurre (butter, ham, lettuce, tomato) for 22,000rp




Mixed Salad (full plate) for 37,000rp

Omelettes – including Vegetarian (green pepper, potato, mushroom, cheese, pesto sauce, carrot, onion, tomato) for 23,000rp (3 fillings), 3,000rp each extra filling.

Kid’s Menu – including Slice of ham, cheese & mashed potatoes) for 25,000rp

Burgers – including Cheese Burger (beef, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese, pickles, sauce) for 39,000rp

Gratins – including Hachis Parmentier for 30,000rp

Quiches – including Mushroom for 19,000rp

Lunch & Dinner Menu

Tapas – 25 dishes including Crevettes Persillades (stir fried prawns, with fresh herbs & spicy dressing) for 25,000rp

Antipasto a la Moka (A tasty combination of different tapas) zucchini feta rolls, poivon a l’huille, emmental cheese, parma ham, salami, olives kalamata & brushetta) for 45,000rp

Soups – including Soupe de Poisson (warm French fish soup served with toasted bread & cheese) for 38,000rp

Spaghettis or Home Made Pastas – including Marinara (seafood, tomato sauce & cream) for 38,000rp

Meat – including Beef Stew (beef slowly cooked in red wine sauce with mushrooms) for 49,000rp

Fish – including Fish Meuniere (fish fillet pan-fried with lemon parsley butter sauce) for 49,000rp

Tea Time

Pastries – 26 choices including Lemon Cheese Cake for 15,000rp

Tea – including Darjeeling Tea Mug for 10,000rp

Cakes – 10 choices including Danish Roll for 9,000rp

Home Made Ice Cream – (coffee, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry) for 6,000rp (1 scoop), 10,000rp (2 scoops), 13,000rp (3 scoops)

Coffee – including Long Black for 10,000rp

There is also a drinks menu featuring Soft Drinks, Fresh Fruit Juice, Extract Juice, Dairy, Coffee, Tea, Soya Milk

Cafe Moka is open daily from 7am-10pm.

The restaurant is fully AC and permits smoking.

Cafe Moka
Jl. Raya Seminyak

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