Cafe Cure Seminyak Bali

cafe cure baliCafe Cure on Jl. Dhyana Pura in Seminyak, is another one of those places that flies under the radar. Located just 5 minutes from my house, this elegant place is somewhere I was barely aware of, and had not yet visited. As some visitors to Seminyak are aware, acorss the street from Q Bar, is a huge modern looking building called Ruko Gosha Plaza. From the outside various thoughts crossed my mind in the past, including, ‘is this place closed?’, is this place a real estate office?’, ‘is it for sale?’ Today I went into the ground floor and discovered Cafe Cure.

According to their brochure, ‘You are what you eat, you are what you drink, to eat is to become beautiful and healthy. Cafe Cure is the ultimate healthy food and drink bar.’ If that’s true, I must be a packet of nasi campur swimming in arak. Walking into Cafe Cure, I saw no other customers, but I did see a smart interior and decent menu, which is asa follows.

Exotic Coffee – including Moccacino (great combination of cappuccino and chocolate flavour) for 20,000rp

Breakfast Menu – including Continental Breakfast (choice of juices, choice of cereals, all served with milk and honey, choice of yogurts, seasonal fruit slices, Bali coffee or tea) for 25,000rp

Set Lunch Menu – including Set Menu A (fresh orange juice, miso soup, vegetable spring rolls, steamed rice, mixed vegetables, chicken teriyaki) for 30,000rp

Appetizers – including Green Caeser Salad for 38,000rp

Soups – including Potato Soup for 26,000rp




Sandwiches & Burgers – including Teriyaki Chicken Burger (Japanese teriyaki chicken burger with vegetables) for 37,500rp

Main Events & Asian Classics – including Japaneswe Beef Steak (charcola grilled beef served Japanese style with vegetables in 5 kinds of sauces) for 90,000rp

Japanese Favourites – including Katsudon (stir fried pork mixed with onions on a bed of steamed rice) for 49,000rp

Classic Indonesian Kitchen – including Chef’s Special Soto Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup) for 25,000rp

Grand Finale – including Creme Brulle (custard pudding covered with caramel) for 25,000rp

Deli – including Fruit Tarte for 20,000rp

There are also fruit juices, milk shakes, long drinks, available.

My thoughts on the place were, its never lilkey to get busy, due to the location and lack of advertising. The main customers are likely to be people using the upstairs spa and photographic services. Cafe Cure is open daily from 9am-12am.

Cafe Cure
Ruko Gosha Plaza
Jl. Abimanyu

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