Buffalo Races in Lovina Bali

Negara isn’t the only place in Bali where you can see a buffalo race. The sport is popular in Lovina, to be exact, in the village of Kaliasem. The tradition originated in Madura, is NE Java. Settlers brought it to both Kaliasem and Negara. Known locally as sapi gerumbugan, the races take place at the race in Kaliasem on particular afternoons.

During the peak tourist seasons there are 2 races a week, once a week at other times of the year. Entrance fee is around 50,000rp.




Indonesian Independence Day, August 17th is the time to see the most elaborate races. As in Negara, a driver guides teams of buffalo, which are decked out in colorful regalia, sporting a large bell. Sometimes tourists get a chance to drive!

The good thing about the location is that if you are staying in Lovina, the track is handy and easy to find. Notices are posted around advertising the next races and you can ask at your hotel, for more details.

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