Bravo Lamps in Seminyak Bali

bravo lampsLighting is an important part of interior design. One unique shop in Seminyak is Bravo, maker of colored lamp shades and candle holders. When I visited 2 staff were downstairs and one said, “Why don’t you photograph the real stars,” meaning themselves. Bravo was stocked with many brightly colored lamps, and they offered to show me the production process. Upstairs another fellow was working on a lampshade, by placing layers of resin onto glass, using a brush. The fumes were strong and I do not plan to take up lamp making myself.

making lampsThe lamps and candle holders came in all shapes and sizes, and prices are as follows:
30cm tall box lamp for 75,000rp, 30cm wall mounted triangular shaped lamps for 75,000rp, a 3 piece set of 60cm tall lamps for 190,000, a 3 piece set of small, medium, large lamps, 250,000rp (just the shade, or 300,000 (with the cable), a triangular wall-mounted candle holder for 75,000rp, small candle holder (25cm) for 40,000rp.

Bear in mind I wasn’t pushing the price, just asking, so wholesale prices would definitely be cheaper. Since these guys make the lamps on site, custom work would be very easy to arrange. Bravo is also a resin supplier. I got the impression the staff were up to speed on speaking English, and would be easy to work with.




Bravo is open daily from 9am-9pm.

Bravo Lamps
Jl. Abimanyu #511X

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