Bluefin: Japanese Fusion in Tuban Bali

bluefin baliBluefin is a modern-age Japanese concept restaurant. I have not eaten there as yet, but walking past, the design of the place alone demands attention. The impressive wine racks are pushed up against the front window. Located just down from Stadium Cafe, on Jl. Kartika Plaza, Bluefin has a Japanese fusion menu. Seating can be outside at a table, at a low Japanese style table, or inside in the cool.

The menu is as follows:

Soup – including Miso Shiru for 28,000rp

Salad – including Bluefin Salmon Salad (mixed greens and sliced fresh salmon in sesame chili mayonnaise dressing, topped with flying fish roe) for 36,000rp.

Starters – including Streamed Mussels & Clams (white wine and vegetable in a soy sauce and virgin olive oil) for 32,000rp.

Robatayaki (Japanese style char-grilled “on skewer” of meats, seafood, fish and vegetables, combined with many sauces or assorted fusion spice sauces) – including Robata Double (15 skewers for 2 people) for 128,000rp

Age Mono (dipped in egg batter and coated with panko breading or tempura coated with then deep fried, served with tartar, tempura sauce and tonkatsu sauce) – including Single (7 pieces) for 59,000rp.

Nigiri Sushi – including Deluxe (10 pieces) for 135,000rp.




Sashimi – including Single Local (9 pieces) for 39,000rp.

Exotic Funamori (for 2-3 people) – Salmon, red tuna, fatty tuna – Othoro sashimi, Chutoro, Kanpachi, Gindara (cod fish), Ebi (prawn), Kurotobiko (Black) and wasabi tobiko (green) sushi, Fun fancy, Spider & Tiger Eyes rolls for 325,000rp.

Gunkan – including Othoro – Fatty Tuna (2 pieces) for 29,000rp.

Temaki / Cone Shape – including California Temaki for 28,000rp.

Maki Mono / Traditional Rolls – including Unagi to kyurimaki (Eel and cucumber roll) for 32,000rp.

Fusion Rolls – including Caterpillar Roll (Eel and cucumber wrapped with avocado topped with sesame seeds and flying fish roe – 8 pieces) for 38,000rp.

Sensational Fish & Seafood – including Heart of the Ocean (Deep fried lightly flavoured assorted seafood – lobster, prawn, snapper, squid and onion, with spices and herbs served in a special sauce / oroshini sauce) for 185,000rp.

Sensational Beef & Chicken – including Bluefin Steak (sauteed imported tenderloin beef, cut into dice, with a light black pepper sauce, served with sesame garlic spinach, garlic wasabi potatoes or steamed rice) for 99,000rp.

Sweet Temptation – including Hazelnut Mille Feuilles (Chocolate cookies served with vanilla ice cream, snap biscuit and pouring with hazelnut liquer) for 25,000rp.

Bluefin is open for lunch and dinner.

Jl. Kartika Plaza #16

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