Blue Ocean Beach Bali

blue ocean beachBlue Ocean Beach is a place that draws tourists and expats alike. The beach itself is nothing to shout about, but the easy access to Legian and Seminyak (location, location, location) and the array of place to eat and drink, means Blue Ocean Beach is always busy. While working out today, I snapped a photo of the street where I park my motorbike. AS you can see, parking is tight, one reason I ride a bike instead of driving a car. In the last year, the banjar has started charging motorbikes 1,000rp for the privelage of parking along this stretch of beach.

Other developments in the last year have been Lanai (formerly Benny’s) and Zanzibar having a fire and being out of operation for a while. They are now both back in operation and going great guns. Lanai and neighbor, Blue Ocean, both offer wi-fi internet access. Lanai has a new and improved upper deck, with even more seating than before. A great place to check out all the hot young chicks on the beach.




Closer to this end of the photo, is Restaurant Italia, a cousin of Warung Italia. For a location, you can’t beat it, set in front of the Kumala Pantai Hotel, under those lovely tall shady trees. Meals are good and very affordable, the host super attentive.

Further on down the street, DeJaVu closed, then opened in a newly renovated spot, next door! The new place opened about a month ago roughly and is a bit bigger than the old place. Lastly, on the corner of the block, tiny La Vida Loca manages to kick up a storm in the late evenings, with a live band. If you are visiting Bali, come on down to Blue Ocean beach on a sunny afternoon and enjoy a cold drink, while you wait for the sunset.

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