Bintang Mulia: Drums in Seminyak Bali

bintang mulia baliLocated just short of the bend in Jl. Dhyana Pura in Seminyak, Bintang Mulia is the place with large drums outside. I often stroll past in the late afternoon, and hear locals and some expats banging out a rhythm. Staff told me that all the drums are made locally, but the 2 most elegant ones, a 60 centimeter diameter drum and a 1 meter tall carved drum, were not for sale. Bintang Mulia stocks, drums, shakers, rattles, didgeridoo’s, rain sticks, masks and puppets.

Prices for the instruments are as follows:
Elaborately painted didgeridoo are 120,000rp, 70cm tall drum is 800,000rp, a standard 60cm tall drum is 400,000rp, a 40cm tall drum is 100,000rp, a 30cm tall drum is 50,000rp, a 20cm tall drum is 30,000rp. Rattles in the shape of eggs are 15,000rp, a painted shaker with handle is 25,000rp, a 1 meter rain stick is 40,000rp. I asked how much the 1 meter drum would cost, if it was for sale and was a told maybe 2m rp.

Of course you can bargain and factors contributing to price are size, type of wood and amount of detailed carving. This shop would be good for someone looking for a gift for a young kid, or anyone wanting a simple drum to play while in Bali.




Bintang Mulia is open daily from 7.30am-6pm.

Bintang Mulia
Jl. Dhyana Pura #64

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