Bingin Bali: What’s there and who is it good for?

Bingin is one of the famous surfing breaks of the Bukit Peninsula. The short, fast barrel is a joyride for those who dare. Exactly waht is out there at Bingin and who is it good for?

Surfing is huge here in Bali and one place you always here about is Bingin. The last time I went light rain was coming down, as I hit the Bypass in the direction of Nusa Dua. Taking the Uluwatu turnoff I rode past the big Dreamland access road and down to Bingin, which is off of the only major right hand turn in the middle of a row of shops. I had checked a map before leaving, and knew where the turn off was. A warung located just around the corner, after the right-hander, offered satay, so I stopped.

Stopping for a snack the lady confirmed this was the road to Bingin while assembling my nasi campur ( mixed rice). The nasi campur contained white rice, noodles, beans, a small piece of chicken and some satay liver. This together with my hot tea was 7,000rp.

I started taking photos which brought gigles form the lady’s 2 daughters who were firing up the satay stand outside. I asked what they were cooking as I thought it was satay babi, but they said as they were Muslim they only cook satay chicken and ‘satay Baaa’ , meaning goat.

After my snack I rode down the lane and after several minutes it termintated in at a muddy track. This took me across a small stream and through someone’s pasture, finally to the cliffs overlooking Bingin.

People have described Bingin as a ‘machine‘, the perfect wave is so reliable. The only problem is everyone knows this and the ‘take off point’ for the wave is a very small meaning everyone and his brother is trying to get on the same wave. I saw people dropping in on each other like crazy and many occasions where a couple of surfers were zooming on the same wave and narrowly missing the other people in the water.




Coming over the hill I noticed an assortment of warungs and guest houses. The access to the beach was down a set of step stone steps which gave great views. These 2 ladies were working at a warung and asked me if I wanted a massage later. I politely declined.

Bingin has a sandy beach which leads into rock. The break is a reef break though so be prepared with rubber booties. I saw local kids splashing around on body boards close to shore. To the left is ‘Impossibles‘ a string of breaks that are impossible to join together, though you can give it a shot. From my vantage point I could tell when Bingin was going to get the next set as the waves break first across Impossibles, then after about 40 seconds wrap around and start crashing onto Bingin.

I bumped into surf photographer Morroke from Brasil who lives at Bingin. He was fixing his jet ski and told me he was surprised to see me down at the beach. I’d say there were a dozen foreigners down at Bingin, although I know people stay in the 12 guests houses, and surf other beaches for the day.

For access to the surf, you only have to paddle out 30-40 meters from shore. The guest house go for about 40,000rp per night, and there are 12 warungs serving food and drinks.

Bingin also has some decent accommodation up on the cliff. I visited a few a while back and was impressed at the accommodation in Bingin. Most palces are simple, with great views and friendly staff. If Kuta gets too much for you, head on down to Bingin with your lady, and enjoy the peace and quiet. One thing I’d mention, is that most places do not have AC, so in the wet season, its going to be steamy in your room. Ocean breezes make up for it, when you are outside.

Bingin is known as a great wave, but with a small take off point, can get crowded and pushy.

Bingin Bali

What is it?
Bingin is a surfing break on the Bukit peninsula in Bali.
What are the surfing conditions?
Fast, short lefthand barrel. Reef break.
Dangers & annoyances:
Steep long walk down steps to the beach. Often gets crowded with locals.
Best time to go:
The best surfing is in July. However there will be many other people. You might have a better time at another time of the year, when the beach shacks are empty, and there’s just a dozen locals in the water.
Cheap bamboo shacks on the slope of the cliff for 50,000rp. Better places on the cliff top.
Necessary to book in advance?
Only in peak season.
Ding repair available in the peak season. Beach warungs serve food. No real medical services. Police station on the main road in Dreamland. New boards available at Palu shop on main road in Dreamland. Internet access available (dial-up) at a couple of locations on main road back to Dreamland.
Who would Bingin be good for?
Experienced surfers. People wanting peace and quiet.
Who would Bingin not be good for?
Beginning surfers, people who need a wide choice of places to eat / shopping / entertainment. Also the beach isn’t the greatest, so those looking the ‘paradise beach’ might want to look elsewhere.

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