B’Couple Bar N’ Grill: Tuban Bali

B'Couple Bar N' Grill BaliB’Couple Bar N’ Grill is the huge open air restaurant / bar on Jl. Kartika Plaa across from Stadium Cafe. open 24 hours, this place cranks out some noise in the evenings, with a live band in the rear of the place. This morning I wanted to catch another bit of the Superbowl, just in case the score was close. Arriving at halftime, I sat behind a couple of other ‘bules‘ trying to ignore Prince, who was performing, and hoping the play would soon begin. Sitting close to the street, I enjoyed the wide flat-screen TV, giving us all a super clear picture. The staff at B’Couple, looked on in wonder, at this strange sport, with larger than life players, outfits and fans.

My waitress, Yuli from Denpasar, told me she had worked in Yogyakarta for 2 years and liked. She was exceptionally polite, and brought me a cup of black tea. Already having eaten breakfast, I didn’t need anymore food, but did glance at the lunch menu, which is as follows:

Appetizers – including Caeser Salad for 21,000rp

Favourites – including Nasi Goreng Special for 24,000rp

Sandwiches & Burgers – including Kuta Club Sandwich (layers of toasted bread stuffed with bacon, turkey, omelette, tomato and pastrami for 23,000rp.




Pizza – including Mexicana Pizza (spiced tomato base with peppers, chopped beef, oregano and mozzarella cheese) for 29,000rp

Dessert – including Banana Split (banana slices with 3 scoops of ice cream, chocolate sauce and cherry) for 22,000rp

There is also a mixed drinks menu, along with teas and coffees.

Lunch is served from 11am-5pm.

B’Couple Bar N’ Grill
Jl. Kartika Plaza

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