Batan Waru: Indonesian restaurant in Tuban Bali

batan waruBatan Waru is a modern Indonesian restaurant, located on busy Jl. Kartika Plaza in Tuban. As with some other restaurants in Bali, Batan Waru now has a photo menu, to go along with the standard printed menu. This helps to give new visitors to Bali, an idea of what they are ordering. Everything on the menu looked good and like it’s sister restaurant in Ubud, the Tuban branch promised great things. My lunch was a dish called Semur Tahu (tofu, round eggplants and shiitake mushrooms in a garlic, soy and coconut milk broth, served with steamed rice) for 34,000rp.

The dish had nice chunky pieces of tofu, the sauce was not spicy, but creamy and tasted of mushrooms. Small pieces of chili occasionally showed up on my tongue, but were not overpowering. Batan Waru does great desserts also. For people shopping at Discovery Mall, or visiting Waterbom Park across the street, Batan Waru is a place you might consider for lunch / dinner.

Batan Waru’s menu is as follows:

Starters – including Otak-Otak (A Jakarta favourite. Fish cakes roasted in banana leaf, served with piquant chili and peanut sauce) for 22,000rp.

Vegetable Dishes – including Sayur Balado (long beans or eggplants with Sumatran red chili spice paste) for 20,000rp.

Indonesian Mains – including Ayam Panggang Bali (One-half chicken, de-boned and grilled with garlic and tumeric paste. Comes with side order of lawar salad) for 44,000rp.

There is also an Alternatives Menu:




Starters – including Hot Wings (American spicy fried chicken wings with sour cream parmesan dip and fresh tabasco) for 24,500rp.

Light Platters – including Fish & Chips for 44,000rp.

Salads – including Grilled Chicken Salad (greens tossed with creamy herb dressing, topped with grilled chicken breast and avocado) for 36,000rp.

Wraps – including Falafel Wrap (Lebanese chickpea patties, with tahini sauce) for 32,000rp.

Sandwiches – including BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato) for 26,000rp.

Grilled Panini – including Hot Salami (roasted red pepper and fresh basil) for 32,000rp.

BW Burgers – including Veggie (lentil, vegetable and almond pattie with fresh tomato mint relish and a side salad) for 32,000rp.

Pasta (fettuccine, spaghetti or penne) – including Seafood Trio (calamari, prawns and tuna simmered with our house red sauce. Spicy upon request) for 49,000rp.

Batan Waru is open from 11am to midnight.

Batan Waru
Jl. Kartika Plaza (across from Waterbom Park)

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