Parking in Bali

Parking in Bali its not like in the west, where you have parking attendants handing out fines for illegally parked vehicles. In Bali you get away with parking where you want until someone else complains. In high density areas like Jl. Legian at Poppies II, you can park during the day on one side of the street. It will be obvious which side, because all the cars and motorbikes are on that side. You don’t want to park on a zigzag line or block an alley or access way to a shop. Parking a motorbike is easy, given the mobility and size, cars are more tricky. That means when you are looking for a place to park your motorbike, try not to put it in the middle of a space where a car could fit, put it next to the other motorbikes.

In areas like lower Jl. Legian and Jl. Pantai Kuta, the local banjar will sanction a ‘parkirman‘ to issue parking tickets, usually 500rp. I usually park and go about my business, when leaving the parkirman will approach, I will give 500rp and he will help tow my motorbike out into traffic, while I’m sitting on it. There is no fine for not paying him, or not buying a ticket in advance. The best rule of thumb you can use is to look where everyone else parks. On occasion people will park on the sidewalk, as in when there is a street ceremony, to allow the procession to pass. In normal time you should not do this.

Many tourist restaurants like Made’s Warung will employ a satpam (security guard) who will assist guests trying to get in and out of the parking area. Without a satpam it would often be extremely difficult to penetrate the dense traffic. This service is free. If you park your motorbike somewhere the locals don’t like, you can expect it to be moved. Even though its possible to lock the steering column sideways, Balinese locals are very familiar with motorbikes and can move it easily. I once saw 2 petit girls shuffling a motorbike down the middle of the street without breaking a sweat. Parking at certain supermarkets and shops like Supernova in Tuban, will cost 500rp also. In other supermarkets such as Bintang in Seminyak its free.

When you park your motorbike, lock the steering column and if you helmet is cheap, lock the end of the strap inside the seat. For some reason Balinese people think that anything left out at night will be stolen, and leaving your motorbike on the street is a no no. To me its doesn’t make sense as it would be easier to steal during the day, when there are hundreds of others bikes parked.




Public buildings and hotel will always have one area for cars and another or motorbikes. Do not try to park in the wrong area. One tactic that has been used before by unscrupulous people is to line their motorbike up with the back of your car, flush with the side so you can’t see it. When you back up the bike will fall over and it will be a big drama, till you hand over 1m rp. Take a look before you get back in the car.

Motorbikes have chrome exhaust pipes on the right side, so take care not to touch it when you dismount. A brief contact will cause a burn to your leg. Also be careful of other people’s motorbikes parked close by. On hot days you might like to spread a sarong over your seat to prevent it getting hot. Seats can get unbelievably hot in direct sunlight and I often squirt mine with the hose pipe before taking off.

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