Bali Kaya: Womens beachwear in Seminyak Bali

bali kayaJl. Sarinande is the narrow lane that connects Jl. Dhyana Pura with Jl. Oberoi. This can be confusing for some, as it is not, the extension that leads to Jl. Drupadi, but rather an older road that pops out adjacent to the Oberoi hotel. Jl. Sarinande is home to many businesses including ThE Sunset (that’s not a typo), Bali Agung Village, Hotel Sarinande and others. One place that caught my eye today was Bali Kaya, a womens beach wear place. The sign outside says ‘Factory Outlet, made to order, mens, ladies, kids, wholesale, retail’. The large photo of the sexy lady plus racks of bikinis, pointed to the fact that this is mostly a place for women.

Checking prices I saw a green and blue bikini for 229,000rp, a flower patterned blue and white bikini for 159,000rp. There were also shorts and some long sleeve shirts.

The shop is open from 9.30-6pm.




Bali Kaya
Jl. Sarinande #2

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