Mangrove Information Centre: Sanur, Bali

If you have a few hours to spare then I would highly recommend you head out to the Mangrove Information Centre in Sanur.

Located on Jalan Bypass Ngurah Rai at Suwung Kauh, the information centre is an education in itself on the ecology and management of Mangroves. There are two trails to choose from - a short route of about one hour, and the other, a longer route of nearly two hours. I chose the latter simply because I wanted to see as much of the Mangrove swamps as possible.

The wooden pathway on a connecting bridge system six feet above the ground afforded me spectacular views of the Mangroves and its wildlife as I walked towards the open sea.





As I walked, strange noises in the swamp gave it an eerie setting. There are certain areas when the Mangroves are dense and seemingly devouring the pathway. I remember thinking what an excellent location for a spook movie!. Most definitely I would not do this walk at night.


When I eventually reached the sea, the spectacular view of Benoa Port on one side and Tanjung Benoa on the other was a rewarding sight.

If you are contemplating this pleasant stroll through the Mangroves, then I strongly suggest you get there early in the morning before the sun becomes too intense. The Mangrove swamps can be a hot and humid place as I found out.

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