Arriving at Poinciana Bungalows in Tejakula Bali

Arriving at Poinciana Bungalows we drove past the entrance and realised straight away. You have to look for it as the sign isn’t big. Heading south its basically the first nice place you’ll run into after Tejakula. Driving in we saw that construction on a new villa was underway and the paces was almost empty. Owner Nyoman was on hand and after playing ‘video driving though mountain fog’ for the last 2 hours I was glad to be there.

There are 4 bungalows and one was already taken. Ika and I chose a beach bungalow for $45. Its a sweet little place with nice bathroom, hot water, AC, fridge, porch with recliners and the place has a pool and restaurant. Although its not super far from the road I can honestly say I have not heard a single car since I’ve been here.

This time of the year the weather is changeable and on the NE coast recently has been a mixture of sunny, windy and overcast.




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