Bali Bombing Monument: Kuta

bali bombing monumentSince I moved to Bali in 2003, the Kuta area has been on a redevelopment drive. We have the Wave, MBarGo, Hook, Viper, Sky Lounge, new shops and restaurants. In the epicenter of the bombing zone, known as ‘ground zero’, places like Macaroni and Pub Bagus are back in business. The bombing memorial itself looks quite spiff, with potted plants, a marble wall with the names of the victims, tiled road and circle where the actual bomb was. Today tourists drifted past, some stopping to read the names and takes photos.

Plans are afoot to develop the Sari Club site, but as yet its still an empty plot covered in wild plants. If you are visiting Bali, feel free to stop by the Bali Bombing memorial. It does not cost anything and is open 24 hours a day. The annual ceremony takes place here on October 12th.




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