Bacio: Luxury nightlife in Bali

In recent years, some smart people have realized, that not everyone wants a bamboo bar and a Balinese reggae band, for late night entertainment. They also realized, that the fancier you make a place, the more people will be willing to pay for food and drinks.

This concept is quite logical, and one can spot many good examples of minimalist styling, with exotic food and quality cocktails and wines. One of the newer arrivals in Bacio, located on the beach, a stone’s throw from Double Six.

Bacio occupies the site of the old Amnesia, which used to make a hell of a racket at night (the noice travelled directly to my house). Bacio, like the new Double Six, is enclosed, better for everybody. Bacio had their Grand Opening on August 25th 2006, and a glance at Baliblog’s nightlife report, see’s regular events there. Quality tapas are part of the attraction, as is the luxurious interior.




Bacio is open daily from 7pm-3am. Closed Sunday. Bacio is good for people who like a touch of style, a decent cocktail or late night tapas, as a break in late night partying. Located close to Double Six, La Vida Loca and DeJaVu, Bacio offers yet another great place to try out.

Blue Ocean Beach
Jl. Arjuna

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