Interview with Nyoman from Poinciana Resort in Tejakula Bali

Poinciana is a small place my brother and I stumbled on last year. It has obviously been made by someone who cares about quality and the section of coast is peaceful and quiet. The owner is Nyoman from Kuta, who is a unique lady. After spending 20 years in Australia and picking up an Aussie accent, she decided to move back to Bali and start Poinciana.

One would imagine that being Balinese it would all be plain sailing, but that’s far from the truth. A Kuta local coming out to remote NE Bali and building a beautiful hotel runs into many of the challenges a westerner would. Balinese culture, at least as far as my very limited understanding of it goes, is one of helping the local community. Everyone must give to local ceremonies and richer people have to give more. Needless to say all kinds of people come asking for donations.

Nyoman is a super nice lady and she is in a unique position. Having grown up in Bali, speaking Balinese and Indonesian, she also can see the other side. “Its not like home” she said to me, referring to some of the ways of doing things in Bali. For guests I think Nyoman is a wonderful source of information. Not only does she see eye to eye with people on holiday, she can explain local ways, customs and make suggestions as to ways of exploring the area and what to see.

Here’s what Nyoman had to say.




Poinciana Resort, Tembok
Tejakula, NE Bali

081 3382 20527
[email protected]

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