Drops restaurant: Jl. Padma Legian Bali

Sunday night after coming bank from Pantai Segara in Tuban I asked Ika what she wanted to eat. She said KFC, to which I responded, “I’m not eating at bloody KFC.” Ika saw an ad for spaghetti bolognese and wanted to try it. We stopped in Kuta Square, only a a dozen doors down from Raja’s, the site of the October bombing, and picked up her spaghetti for 5,000rp. After dropping them of I put on my rain gear and headed back out. Not knowing what I wanted I circled the Padma area before deciding on Drops, The restaurant in front of Casa Padma hotel. Drops is the nicest looking place on the street and does sexy looking western food, as authentic Indonesian food. Browsing the menu I saw they had a range of steak options, all with the choice of imported, or the cheaper local steak. A decent steak cost 75,000rp, whereas the same dish with local cow was 50,000rp.

I chose ‘Butter Fish Mozzarella’ which doesn’t sound very appetizing, but was very good. Drops obviously had a western chef put the menu together and the food looks cool. While the rain lashed down I enjoyed my food. Apart from one small group of Australians, I was the only customer. With a small beer my bill was 67,000rp. The only weird thing was I got short changed by the cashier, who gave me 30,000rp back from 100,000rp. This is a growing trend in Bali. I didn’t complain, or bother to tip. Check out Drops if you are in the Padma area, they are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Jl. Padma




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