Amed: What’s out there?

People have been asking me a lot recently about Amed, where its is, and what’s out there. Amed is a tiny fishing village on the coast of East Bali. To get to Amed from Kuta, you jump on the Bypass heading to Sanur, exiting Sanur the Bypass splits in 2, you take the one going right, which will turn into the coastal highway heading east. You can make Candi Dasa in 2 hour from Kuta and after going through Tirtaganga, reach Amed proper in about 3.5-4 hours depending on how fast you go, how many times you stop etc. Distances are deceptive out here, so allow yourself 4 hours and you’ll be good.

Amed is used by tourists to refer to the string of villages heading south from Amed. This string includes Amed, Jemeluk, Bunutan, Lipah and Selang.

Why would you go to Amed?
•Peace and quiet
•Snorkeling / diving
•A more low-key Balinese village scene than the main tourist areas
•Part of a tour around the island




The whole coastal area is a series of bays lined with local fishing boats. As you drive round, you swing down behind the rows or coconut trees that line the beach, then at the end o each bay, climb the hill onto the cliff top. Circle round to the next bay and drop down. The place is photogenic, the pace very slow, locals are friendly.

My guide book says “The stretch of coastline in the far east of Bali from Culik to Aas has acquired the name of Amed, in traveler speak, although Amed is just one small village in a wonderful area offering peaceful bays, calm and clear waters, stunning coastal views and attractive inland scenery. The area is developing fast but anything further from a concrete jungle is impossible to imagine. It’s an ideal spot for for a few quiet days, with little to do other than sunbathe and indulge in some snorkeling or diving. An increasing number of accommodation options cater to all tastes and budgets.”