Eiger Adventure equipment

eigerIndonesia has its own brand of camping equipment called Eiger Adventure. This company is based in Bandung Java and has been around since 1990. Camping, hiking and backpacking are not as popular in Indonesia as it is in Europe, the USA and Australia. Still for someone who wants to give it a try and pick up some useful gear, this company provides and affordable option.

The Bali outlet for Eiger Adventure is the X-treme Store located next to the climbing wall in the Kuta Galeria. As well as backpacks and water bottles, you will find clothing, accessories and LED flashlights. I picked up a folding knife, which is good quality, sharp as you like and very useful, for the bargain price or 57,000rp ($6). A medium sized backpack, suited for travelling / camping cost 450,000rp and looked decent. Their daypacks are designed quite well, way better than the junk sold in these surf shops. For a tourist coming to Bali, who needs a couple of extra items for their holiday adventure, check out Eiger Adventure gear in the Kuta Galeria. It may not be The North Face, but it won’t cost TNF price either.