Eating in Tuban: My Favourite Places

As most of you that know me well, I am passionate about the street and market food in Bali. I am a firm believer that to get to know a culture, imbibing in the traditional cuisine is an important factor in this process. However, there are times when I also visit restaurants [albeit, the odd occasion] to taste some of the cuisine on offer.

Tuban has been on the rise in popularity in recent years, both for hotels and patronising restaurants, subsequently there have been some really affordable establishments open for business. Besides my passion for Balinese cuisine, my other is for Sumatran food (Nasi Padang) and there are several warungs in the Tuban area catering for aficionados such as me.

Apart from the restaurants Tuban has some excellent and clean warungs serving mouth-watering delights to sit all tastes and budgets. Most eateries in the Tuban area are on the main streets and there are a few worthy of note in the Centro Discovery Mall. No matter what your taste in dining, Tuban has developed as an area with so much to offer in regards to eateries. Here are a few of my favourites for you to peruse.