Surf report for Bali: December 4th 2007

Surfing in the month of December is not something most surfers look forward to. Plastic in the water, cloudy skies and most of the good Bukit breaks not operating at their best due to wind conditions. The eastern Bukit is the better choice this time of year with breaks such as Nusa Dua, Sri Lanka, Tanjungs and Hyatt Reef.

Here’s a snippet from BaliWaves this morning.

Good morning crew and welcome back to the Baliwaves daily surf and weather report. Well not much change surfwise on the Outer Reefs this morning with wave height still down in the 1-2ft+ range between Kuta Reef and Airport Left. Maybe just a smidgen bigger than what was available yesterday. But surfing conditions are reasonably clean and glassy with the wind still only light and variable at this stage (8.30am).

The forecast for Nusa Dua is as follows:
Today there was swell height of 6ft, a period of 11 seconds, swell direction NNE and a 5mph offshore wind. This will change with the swell height decreasing to 4ft by Friday. Saturday may see a swell height of 4.5ft with a period of 15 seconds.

One nice thing for regular foot surfers (left foot foreward) is that the eastern Bukit breaks are mostly right handers which are ideal. Most of the western Bukit breaks are left handers ideal for goofy foot surfers.