Villas in Bali

I have talked to a lot of tourists in Bali and quite a few are becoming bored with the humdrum of staying in a hotel and would be happy looking for an alternative. Most of them cite cost as their main reason for not changing. Getting a good hotel package deal from a travel agent seems to be the norm.

The excellent thing about Bali is that saying in a villa might just work out cheaper for you and the great thing about this is that most villas in Bali are away from the noisy tourist scene or in a peaceful and secluded area. Villas give you privacy as compared to sharing a hotel with hundreds of other guests!

Why stay in a villa?

As I just mentioned; privacy. Renting a villa for your holiday in Bali gives you 100% privacy and if you feel like walking around in the nude you can do it! A lot of villas have small pools which is ideal if you have a family. Villas are just like being in your own house and most, if not all, are fully equipped for cooking and relaxing. Besides this, you can come and go at your own leisure, in fact, it’s just like ‘doing your own thing’ at home. Villas are ideal for families.

Share a Villa

A lot of villas have two bedrooms or more which makes it ideal for couples wanting to share the cost of staying in an exclusive villa. It’s kind of like flat sharing but on a luxury scale! Around the island and near to the main tourist centres there is a plethora of villas to choose from.

Your travel agent can assist you in booking a villa or you can check these websites out for further options:

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