Spoiling yourself in Ubud

For many people Ubud represents the place they can shut off from their regular life and spoil themselves. Ubud has a fine selection of spas and restaurants to make even a grey wet season afternoon seem like fun.

• Improving your physical fitness at the Ubud Fitness Center, which has a registration of 50,000rp plus 25,000rp per visit. Exercise is one of the best ways to feel good.
Ubud Fitness Center
Jl. Jero Gading (0361)974804

Taking an assortment of spa treatments at a selection of Ubud spas could be a great experience. Some of the ones recommended include:

Located downtown inside a Balinese compound. Here’s what the brochure says.
“The original Bodyworks Center in Bali is dedicated to spiritual healing in all aspects of its functions. Whether you are passing through as a guest for a massage and beauty treatment, or a staff member, this sacred space is a place to re-balance the positive and negative energies in you and the universe.

We offer a variety of massage including Balinese traditional oils, reflexology, deep tissue, acupressure, body balance, Swedish techniques and skin exfoliation for toxin removal. With 20 years of experience in natural healing and massage, Ketut Arsana Mahatma Therapist, has trained his staff to meet your needs.

The founder, Ketut Arsana was passed the gift of spiritual knowledge and natural healing from his grandfather. Ketut’s knowledge is enriched with insight into the sacred inner light healing technique called Buddha Kevcapi. He is devoted to spiritual service to you and to all who seek the sacred path. When you come to the Bodyworks Center, know that you have entered the gateway to ‘heal yourself.”

Services include:
• Yoga course
• Health massage
• Acupressure
• Reflexology
• Medical preparations
• Therapy Massage
• Beauty Treatment
• Chiropractic
• Therapy massage, Traditional Oil
• Seaweed bath, Spice bath, Milk Bath
• Manicure, Pedicure, Cream Bath
• Tropical Balinese flower and spice baths
Jl. Hanoman

Cendana Resort & Spa
Located in the southern part of town on Monkey Forest Rd. Allows visitors to drop in and for a small fee use the pool. Services offered include massage, mud-bath, milk-bath and ‘Total Tissue Cleansing’ (colonic irrigation) for those who need it. There is also an open-air jacuzzi and couple’s massage rooms.
Cendana Resort & Spa
Monkey Forest Rd.

Komaneka Resort & Spa
Located on easy to find Monkey Forest Rd. Offers massage, stretching, Swedish massage and acupressure. The spa is set in lush tropical surroundings and features open-air facilities.
Komaneka Resort & Spa
Monkey Forest Rd.

Mandara Spa
Located at Ibah Luxury Villas, features Balinese massage performed in tranquil setting. Also has jacuzzi.
Mandara Spa
Ibah Luxury Villas

Milano Spa
Located on Monkey Forest Rd. Offers massage and facials.
Milano Spa
Monkey Forest Rd

Nur Salon
Nur Traditional Beauty Salon was established in 1978. The massage oils, splashes, soaps, scrubs, and hair conditioners are all formulated and produced by Nur using combinations of flowers and fruits. Ibu Nur mastered the art of herbology and jamu (traditional herbal medicine) in her native province of Sumatra. Later while living in Java she expanded her knowledge of body work and beauty techniques, which she has passed on to her skilled staff. No chemicals are used in any of these handcrafted products.

The massage oils, soaps, conditioners, scrubs and beauty preparations are available for purchase and are packaged in handmade paper and glass.
Nur Salon
Monkey Forest Rd.

Hotel Tjampuhan Spa
This is the former home of German artist Walter Spies. The lobby leads you immediately to a view of the Wos Barat river, over jungle like terrain. One feels that just sitting a sipping a tea in this environment would do you good.

Treatments offered include:
• One day spa entrance (in house guest $12, outside guest $15) – sauna, steamroom, whirlpools.

• Spa beauty package – (In house guest single $39 / couple $71, outside guest single $49 / couple $89) – use of spa plus one treatment.

• Spa Adventure Package (In house guest Single $50 / couple $95) Half day trek plus spa access.

• Spa Harmony Package (In house guest Single $55 / Couple $105) spa access, 1 treatment, dinner and drinks.

• Traditional Balinese Package (60 mins $25) – Full body massage massage with choice of Tjampuhan Valley aromatic oils. Traditional Mandi Lulur (120 mins $33) – Balinese detoxifying massage, herbal skin preparation, yoghurt rub, Balinese flower bath.

• Traditional Balinese Boreh (120 mins $33) – Essence of the spice islands, clove, ginger, nutmeg and root of galangal ground together in a volcanic stone mortar. Used as detoxifying scrub before full body Swedish massage with sandalwood moisterising.

• Swedish massage (60 mins $25) – Soothing Swedish massage using aromatic oils.

• Acupressure massage (60 mins $25) – Head to toe massage providing overall body rejuvenation, focusing on breathing techniques essential to acupressure therapies.

• Head / Neck/ Shoulder Facial massage (60 mins $30) – Stimulating and refreshing the upper body with Biokos toner and mask.
Hotel Tjampuhan Spa
Jl. Raya Campuhan

Ubud Sari Health Resort
Located on Jl. Kajeng (north off of Jl. Raya Ubud) offers massage and other spa treatments.
Ubud Sari Health Resort
Jl. Kajeng

Zen Body Holiday
Located on Jl. Hanoman near the Peramam bus office on the southern end of the street. Offers Balinese massage, a selection of massages, traditional mandi lulur, and body scrubs.
Zen Body Holiday
Jl. Hanoman

Meditation & Yoga
The cool morning mist rising over Sayan Ridge demands that one take the time to respect nature and your health. The Ubud Sari Health Resort does morning yoga classes and meditation classes.

The Meditation Shop (0361) 976206 which is located on Monkey Forest Rd. provides meditation courses. It is part of the Brahma Kumaris Society.

Tegun Galeri (0361) 973361 located on Jl. Hanoman 40, offers yoga classes as well.

Of course a big part of the allure of Ubud is the scenery and local culture. Taking a sunrise walk is a wonderful refreshing way to enjoy Ubud. One of the easiest is the route starting at the rear of Pura Gunung Lebah, across the street from Museum Blanco. You will pick up a footpath immediately from behind the temple and can rejoin the main road about 2 hours later (leisurely pace).