Courses & Workshops in Ubud

Ubud is a cultural center and offers a multitude of classes to visitors. Here is a sampling with prices quoted December 7th 2007.

ARMA Cultural Workshops
Jl. Raya Pengosekan
Choose from a selection of Balinese crafts including:
Painting $44 for 2 hour course
Woodcarving $22 for 2 hour course
Batik $44
Gamelan $22
Balinese dance $22
Traditional architecture $44

Balinese Traditional Healing Center
Jl. Jembawan 5
A Balinese healer teaches students how to recognize local plants and how to use them.
300,000rp includes lunch.

Crackpot Batik
Jl. Monkey Forest
Creative your own design in batik. Check in with staff and don’t be afraid to negotiate.

Museum Puri Lukisan Cultural Workshop
Jl. Raya Ubud
Ubud’s oldest museum offers a range of classes including batik painting, bead work, basketry, gamelan and Balinese dance. One day courses are around 400,000rp

Nataraja Dance School
Jl. Sugriwa 20
Balinese dance and gamelan lessons.
200,000rp for 1.5 hours.

Nirvana Batik Course
Jl. Gautama 10
Offering 1-5 day batik painting courses.
$35 for a 1 day course.

Nyuhkunung Woodcarving Shops
Ask around in the Nyuhkunung area (southern end of Ubud after Monkey Forest) for woodcarving courses. Nyuhkuning is a village of wood carvers.

Pondok Pekak
Jl. Dewi Sita
Offering classes in Balinese dance, painting, gamelan. woodcarving and language courses.
Dance 50,000rp per class
Gamelan 50,000rp per class
Woodcarving 300,000rp for 3 hours
Painting 300,000rp for 3 hours
Language 620,000rp for 6 private classes 2 hours each. Language group 3 week course, 2 times a week 720,000rp.

Jl. Monkey Forest in Padang Tegal
Offering dance and music classes.
50,000rp for 1 hour dance & music class.

Studio Perak
Jl. Gautama
Silver smithing courses allowing you to create your own silver-work.
175,000rp with 5 grams of silver for 3 hour course.

Threads Of Life
Learn about textiles in Indonesia
Textile introduction course 50,000rp 1.5 hours.
History of Indonesian culture 75,000rp 1.5 hours.

Cookery & Language

Bumbu Restaurant
Jl. Suweta 1
Half day Balinese cooking courses.
172,500rp 9am-2pm

Casa Luna Restaurant
Jl. Raya Ubud
Cooking courses with trips to Ubud market.
250,000rp Mon, Wed, Fri. Courses are half day.

Secret Garden Cooking School
Taman Rahasia Hotel (Penestenan kaja)
Balinese cooking courses.
1 day $65, with market tour $75

Tegal Sari
Bottom end of Jl. Hanoman
Located at the Tegal Sari Hotel, Balinese and Indonesian cooking courses.
350,000rp 10am-2pm 4 people minimum for a course.

Some of the smaller places you will see mentioned in guide books and advertised locally are extremely informal, with classes in a family environment. On some occasions it may be difficult to contact them by phone as they are actual Ubud locals with many family / ceremonial duties. The larger places will always have English speaking staff who can answer questions over the phone. Travelers on a RTW trip often get ‘road weary’. living out of a backpack, endless guest houses and cheap meals, planes, buses and taxis. An art course in Ubud may be the perfect answer the to the road blues.