Discovery Mall Bali

The largest addition to the tourist scene in the Kuta area in recent years is the Discovery Shopping Mall located across from Waterbom Park on busy Jl. Kartika Plaza in Tuban. The place is very impressive looking and designed to attract attention.

The property extended from the main street up a flight of steps to a rear promenade area overlooking the beach. This is prime real estate and one can only wonder at the money that changed hands in the buying / leasing of the land and the construction.

Starbucks is prominent in the front and no doubt that place hauls in the cash, the world now being conditioned to expect a green and black logo on their $3 coffee. Inside the place a twin sided alignment of 3 storey shops sit under a roof. The place is pleasant with quality batik shops, sports and surf clothing. They know what is going to sell to the tourists and this place should see some volume when the tourist numbers are back to par.

There is a decent selection of cafes and restaurants on the backside of Discovery Mall facing the ocean, including Black Canyon. To park on the property they will charge you 1,000rp per hour which is okay really. You will 1,000rp for parking along Kuta beach.