Things to Do in Central Bali

For visitors to Bali one of the most varied areas in culture, arts and antiquities is Central Bali. The area not only encompasses the vibrant ‘art colony’ of Ubud and its surrounding areas, it is an area that is rich in all the traveller would want to see and experience on their visit to the island. Ubud is also a popular destination for food lovers with a literal plethora of restaurants serving local and international cuisine.

Central Bali is a mountainous area and mostly popular for its art, culture, temples and lakes. With a prevalence of artistic, cultural, historical and scenic attractions, Central Bali appeals most those looking for break from the sun, sand and partying in Kuta or to those who are seeking a more thorough understanding of this complex island.

Here are a few links to some of what I consider to be most interesting things to see and do in Central Bali: