The First Bali Asian Beach Games to Include Surfing

This is a great time for visiting Indonesia with a huge plethora of events happening around the archipelago to commemorate Visit Indonesia Year 2008 and as it so happens, the first Asian Beach Games will happen on Bali in the month of October. Combine this with what will be occurring in Beijing and you have a sports lovers extravaganza. The Asian Beach Games is a major sports event recognised by the Olympic Committee of Asia (OCA) and should prove to be a massive tourist drawcard for the island of Bali when it occurs in October 18-25th. The inclusion of surfing as an event has heightened the attraction of the games which include such sports as beach soccer, pencak silat, sailing, windsurfing, swimming and beach volleyball to mention just a few. Also there are traditional Asian sports and a gruelling triathlon. But, it is the inclusion of surfing that will attract the cream of surfers in Asia and I am sure the local boys will be in their element knowing the surf conditions.

Bali Asian Beach Games
Indonesian Surfing Federation
Bali, Indonesia
October 18-25, 2008