Being acting on vacation

I’m definitely an active traveler. My walking/running shoes are always in my backpack and most often I find myself looking up interesting fitness classes I can attend while on the road.

Walking and running are two of the easiest activities to do while traveling. You can always find a park you can explore, or better yet, a walking route in a lovely forest. But traveling and yoga are also very easy to integrate. And yes, I’ve got friends who practiced yoga on top of the mountain!

And what better place to explore your love for yoga than Bali? Indonesia is filled with yoga retreats so you’ll definitely learn a lot more than at home and complete your traveling experience with something extraordinary.

Cheap flights to Bali are easy to find year-round and you don’t need to plan your vacation very far in advance. And since you’ll be traveling along with taking yoga classes, you’d probably want to look up some Bali hotels , as well.

And by the way: even if you are not a yoga fan, while in Bali make an effort to attend a traditional yoga class. You’ll most likely fall in love and want to explore this activity further.

Once you get bitten by this bug, you’d want to take belly dancing classes in Turkey, for example, and even attend one of the famous marathons.

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