Bali weather forecast December 3rd 2007

December in Bali is typically hot and humid, with daily showers and changeable skies. This last weekend saw sunny conditions change into overcast on Monday. The wet season (Nov-Mar) peaks in Dec-Jan but does not mean constant rain. Typically early morning showers give way to clear skies, high temperatures and evening showers.

For people coming to Bali on holiday or for the UN climate conference, no need to being wet weather gear. Most convenience stores and supermarkets sell cheap umbrellas, which are preferable to walking around in a Goretex suit. Showers may last 1-2 hours so taking cover in a cafe / warung and waiting it out are the best options.

Here’s a look at the 10 day weather forecast for Bali, and this is more general year-round information on weather in Bali.