Bali Travel TV Programs To Go


If you can’t be in Bali, what’s the next best option? Well, for some, it’s watching travel TV shows about Bali so they can keep reminding themselves of how beautiful Bali is. Thanks to a new project launched by the folks behind the fantastic Globe Trekker travel TV programs, you can not only watch travel shows about Bali but you can do it on your own schedule, whenever you want.

With GlobeTrekkerChannel you can choose from more than 350 hours of programming, including an “adventure golf” show about Bali! There are also plenty of other destinations to keep you interested, too, including something from every continent on earth. With this new system, instead of waiting until a program airs on TV you can download just the one you want to your computer and then watch it whenever you like – which seems like the ideal way to stave off boredom on a long flight! Once you’ve downloaded a show you have a full week to watch it. And each month you’ll get a free half-hour video with snippets of some of the programs available for download.

To find out more, visit GlobeTrekkerChannel and watch a free demo video. You can register right there so you’ll receive updates about the new videos added to the library, and begin buying credits for your downloads. It’s super easy, and it’s a great way to watch excellent programming on your time!