Bali in January

There aren’t many events taking place in January but if you are on a low budget and always wanted to visit Bali, take advantage of the low airfare and come here. It’s humid and rainy, but that shouldn’t stop you check out the sights.


January is part of the wet season and , as a result, is one of the rainiest months in Bali. This doesn’t mean it will rain all the time, but it will rain almost every day (usually in the afternoon). It’s not a suitable month to visit Bali if you plan to engage in outdoor activities, such as mountain climbing, mountain biking or hiking. Otherwise, just pack some rain gear and you are good to go sightseeing. Temperatures range between 17C and 30C and the humidity is 75%.

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Since January is part of the low season, expect to find affordable airfare , especially if you book slightly in advance. Finding a cheap hotel is also easy and now you can even book hotels which would usually put a big hole in your travel budget. If you prefer a hostel , you’ll be able to find very good rates.

Things to do

The weather isn’t exactly good for sunbathing, especially if you are unlucky to visit Bali when it’s windy and cloudy. But it’s possible to enjoy some sunny days and you can plan some activities around the beach.

January is a good month to visit the sights. If rains catches you off guard, you can always hide in a temple, museum or in a shopping mall.

Early January is busy as the New Year celebrations continue during the first days of the month, especially in places where foreign tourists like to spend their time.

In January, the Balinese celebrate Pager Wesi, a holiday dedicated to Sang Yang, the creator of the universe. There are important celebrations on the island.

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