Bali bombers invited to police bbq

Some of the terrorists convicted of planning and carrying out the Sari Club & Paddy’s bombings in 2003, were treated to a bbq party at the house of Indonesia’s anti-terror unit chief. The 5th anniversary of the bombings is tomorrow, October 12th 2007, and not wanting to be left out, the bombers including Mubarok shared Muslim prayers and feasted on kebabs.

Indonesia has some creative sentencing, as well as methods of dealing with criminals. Ten years for marijuana, bbq party for murder. The reason given for the get together was those in attendance had ‘seen the light’ and were now co operating with police. Brigadier General Surya Dharma, whose house the party took place at said “”We approach the terrorists with a pure heart,” “We are all Muslims. We make them our brothers, not our enemy.”

As long as they said sorry I guess all is forgotten.