Balinese artwork on surfboards in Kuta Bali

Surfboards are made from a foam ‘blank’ that is a roughly shaped white piece of material. Boards made here in Bali use imported blanks from Australia and all the people making board here are foreigners. There is always a shortage of blanks and it is very hard for Balinese to obtain blanks themselves. The blank is then cut with a saw, filed, wrapped in fiber glass, then covered with resin to give that smooth seal.

Blanks are white and the default color of a board is a also white. Logos and patterns can be added, if the maker has time. Palu has a new shop on Poppies II in Kuta and is doing a line in decorated boards. A Balinese artist spend 2 days painting the board before it is glassed. A ballpark figure on one of these is 3.5m rp, depending on the size. These boards are popular with Europeans and people who like to keep their board as a souvenir, not just or surfing.