Furniture, Art & Antiques at Apo Kayan in Seminyak Bali

furniture090705.jpgSeminyak and Kerobokan are full of furniture places and on a walk down Jl. Seminyak this afternoon I checked one called Apo Kayan. Located directly across the street from Pantarei restaurant, the shop has some massive pieces including benches, couches, carved wall decorations and big wooden pots. Its like land of the giants and looking around I thought the kind of person buying this stuff must either have a hotel or a a very large house. Its cool though, you won't find this stuff in a catalog. I asked the lady in charge Yohan Wijaya, where she got her inventory from. She told me all over the country, Java, Sulawesi, all over. Her business card says 'Furniture, Art & Antiques' and that's the deal. A cool place to browse even if you aren't going to buy.

Yohan told me some of her larger couches and 6 ft tall wooden pots go from 1m rp – 3m rp. You'll have to bargain here as nothing has a price tag. Don't show up in a Mercedes.

Apo Kayan
Jl. Raya Seminyak #16

(0361) 730950