Warung Brasil: Jl. Benesari in Kuta Bali

Brasil warung has been around forever. Its niche market for sure, bu with the surfing scene attracting Brasilians, there will always be a market. Brasil is locate at the intersection on Jl. Benesari, close to G-Land and Midnight Oil. They serve an assortment of western and Indonesian food as well as a small Brasilian menu. I always try the Brasilian for something new.

This time I got beef arbolado which is a slab of beef, covered in tomatoes and onions, rice, beans and some kind of flour stuff (which made me choke). I’ve heard that S.American food is bland and boring. That’s probably true, but getting away from the Indonesian tastes for a moment felt good. My dish came with fries and a side salad for 30,000rp. Warung Brasil is open all day and is handy for those wanting to hang close to the beach at Kuta Halfway.
Warung Brasil
Jl. Benesari #10X