Ubud Bali: Jan 18th 2003

Three years ago today I was in Ubud with Sean, struggling to post articles. I remember that trip very well, particularly the aggressive little monkeys in Monkey Forest. They will try to pinch anything that isn’t locked down and understand body language!

Ubud is a really good place to relax and the small losman I talked about was one of the many located on Jl. Hanuman. At 40,000rp for 2 people you can afford to hang out, relax and take your time.
For people arriving in Ubud via Perama bus, you will get dropped off at the bottom of Jl. Hanuman. Simply walk up the street and you will find an assortment of losman (guest houses) on both sides of the street, some fancier than others, but all affordable. Feel free to bargain., its part of the culture. Being situated on Jl. Hanuman means you can walk to the Pura Dalem and other temples for evening dances, make it to Bali Buddha for a cup of tea or some strong arak madu’s at Casa Luna.