Tulamben and the USS Liberty

Diving on the East coast is a big draw for some visitors to Bali. One of the hot spots is the wreck of the USS Liberty. Located on the beach at Tulamben, the Liberty wreck sits in water 15-30m deep, 30m offshore and is very close to shore. This makes the Liberty wreck Bali’s most popular dive location. The hours 11am-4pm are especially popular with maybe 50 divers down there. You might want to avoid this busy period. It is said that night dives are good here.

The landscape around Tulamben and a large portion of the east coast is dry and boulder strew. The rice belt ends and the corn belt starts further to the SW and there is not much going on heading up the coast. If you are planning to dive the Liberty wreck as part of a Bali tour, you might stay in Amed to the south. Driving northwards along the coast, after diving you might enjoy the tranquility of Poinciana Resort just north of Tembok.

There are several accommodation and eating options in Tulamben although the town itself has nothing to offer. Tulamban has the Mimpi Resort which might cater to your needs.