Tejakula: Unspoilt NE Bali

January 29th is Ika and I’s wedding anniversary. She asked me if we can go somewhere special.

I’ have been telling her I am going to take her somewhere ever since I got back from the US in December and this time I’ll do it. My brother and I came across a cute little place called Poincianna Bungalows in Tejakula. This village is located on the coastal road in one of the most sparely populated parts of the island.
Poincianna looks very nice, with modern rooms, swimming pool, restaurant and is on the beach (black sand). My guide book gives a little history on Tejakula:
“The small village of Tejakula, 1 km east of Bondalem, is worth a stop for its horse bath, a white stone confection of arches and pillars 100m south of the road. The village is a sleepy backwater these days but local historians claim that the area had trading links with distant lands as far back as the 1st Century AD, when it far outstripped the later trading ports of Padang Bai and Benoa in fame and influence; numerous local finds of foreign relics support their case. During the 17th Century many Balinese people move to the area for the fertile soil, and local legend tells how a brilliant light appeared in the skies over the village, visible across the island and a far afield as China. Those who saw it believed that it signified the enormous prosperity of the area.”
Singaraja is 30km to the west along the coastal road. When I visit Poincianna I’ll take plenty of photos.