Shelter from the storm at Depot Ika in Kuta Bali

This afternoon I parked my motorbike outside Internet Outpost and went looking for interesting things to write about. About 500 meters down Jl. Benesari it started pouring and I was stranded without a poncho or umbrella. Waiting for about 15 minutes and taping the sound of the rain hammer down, I was hoping for some let up. Right along that section of Benesari, in the area where Tracey’s husband Dede used to hang out, is a small warung called Depot Ika. Its a surfer place and is very popular with Japanese. Depot Ika allows guests to write on the wall and high spirited diners have done plenty of that over the last couple of years.

Depot Ika’s menu is divided into: Chinese food (Tami goreng 8,000rp), Seafood (Udang 15,000rp), Indonesian food (Gado Gado 7,000rp), European food: Salads (Avocado salad 7,000rp), Soups (Cream of tomato 7,000rp), Sandwiches (Ham & cheese 5,000rp), Steaks (Sirloin 20,000rp), Spaghetti (Bolognese 8,000rp), Desserts (cut fruit 6,000rp).
I ordered a black tea and snapped a few photos of people in the area. My black tea was 3,000rp.